Saturday, April 21, 2018

Live Longer - Live Healthier at No Cost

I am pleased and excited to tell you that my latest book, 

Longevity Decoded – The 7 Keys to Healthy Living

has just been published and is available on Amazon. If you are a bit intrigued, read further.

A few years ago I was asked to give a talk about the aging process to a group of people contemplating moving to a retirement community. Expecting a dozen or so, I was delightfully surprised at the turnover of over 100, a group that asked many questions at the end.  Then asked to do it again and in another venue, I felt that with this level of interest it would be worth while to write a book. For the past 2 ½ years I have interviewed experts, listened to lectures, done a lot of reading and then developed the book. Here is a summary

There is an inexorable process that begins in early adulthood in which every bodily function begins to decline at about 1% per year (with great variation from organ to organ, year to year and person to person.) Unnoticed at first, the decline eventually reaches a state where that organ’s function is impaired for daily living. For example, bone strength declines creating osteoporosis with the chance for bone fracture; cognitive decline leads to memory loss and muscle decline leads to loss of strength.  Meanwhile, as aging progresses the risk for developing complex chronic illnesses such as coronary artery disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or Alzheimer’s disease accelerates.

The aging process cannot be stopped and diseases cannot be entirely prevented but with modifications of lifestyles, the rate of decline can be significantly slowed and the risk of developing a chronic illness can be greatly reduced. The result will be a longer healthier life.

You can live a long and healthy life. There is no magic pill, injection, elixir or Fountain of Youth, but you can achieve it with simple lifestyle modifications: 

1.       Eating the right foods
2.       Getting the right exercise
3.       Reducing and managing stress
4.       Improving the quality of sleep
5.       Eliminating tobacco
6.       Remaining intellectually engaged
7.       Staying involved socially

The advice in Longevity Decoded - The 7 Keys to Healthy Aging works— because it has stood the test of time and because it puts you in charge of shaping your future. There is no monetary cost but it is a rigorous program that is admittedly difficult for many to implement fully.

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life—Longevity Decoded is your roadmap.  The “seven keys” cost nothing, except your time and commitment.  I offer  you straightforward advice for achieving and maintaining good health over a long life.  Following the “seven keys” will pay generous returns over the years ahead, and there’s a bonus:  You’ll become a role model and inspiration to your children and grandchildren! Indeed, they can benefit the most by following the “7 keys” because, like saving for retirement, the benefits compound over time.

Should you decide to take a look and read the book, I would be most appreciative if you would leave a 2-3 sentence review on Amazon. Potential readers read those reviews and it impacts Amazon’s search algorithm. And tell your friends and colleagues; that's the best possible book marketing. Many thanks.

Praise for Dr Schimpff

The craft of science writing requires skills that are arguably the most underestimated and misunderstood in the media world. Dumbing down all too often gets mistaken for clarity. Showmanship frequently masks a poor presentation of scientific issues. Factoids are paraded in lieu of ideas. Answers are marketed at the expense of searching questions. By contrast, Steve Schimpff provides a fine combination of enlightenment and reading satisfaction. As a medical scientist he brings his readers encyclopedic knowledge of his subject. As a teacher and as a medical ambassador to other disciplines he's learned how to explain medical breakthroughs without unnecessary jargon. As an advisor to policymakers he's acquired the knack of cutting directly to the practical effects, showing how advances in medical science affect the big lifestyle and economic questions that concern us all. But Schimpff's greatest strength as a writer is that he's a physician through and through, caring above all for the person. His engaging conversational style, insights and fascinating treasury of cutting-edge information leave both lay readers and medical professionals turning his pages. In his hands the impact of new medical technologies and discoveries becomes an engrossing story about what lies ahead for us in the 21st century: as healthy people, as patients of all ages, as children, as parents, as taxpayers, as both consumers and providers of health services. There can be few greater stories than the adventure of what awaits our minds, bodies, budgets, lifespans and societies as new technologies change our world. Schimpff tells it with passion, vision, sweep, intelligence and an urgency that none of us can ignore.

-- N.J. Slabbert, science writer, co-author of Innovation, The Key to Prosperity: Technology & America's Role in the 21st Century Global Economy (with Aris Melissaratos, director of technology enterprise at the John Hopkins University).