Thursday, September 20, 2018

Pre-Publication Endosrsements for "Longevity Decoded - The 7 Keys to Healthy Aging"

Longevity Decoded has been out since late Spring; here are the pre-publication endorsements that can be found on the back cover and on first inside pages.

Dr. Schimpff explores the exciting topic of healthy aging.   He combines the science of aging with evidence to suggest how each of us influences our personal journey in life.  We make choices everyday which impact our health.  This book will help you understand how those daily choices will influence your life not only today but as you get older.  Begin today to plan for tomorrow.   
James (Jim) M. Anders, Jr., CPA, MBA, CGMA, President and Chairman of the Board, National Senior Campuses, Inc., Administrator and Chief Operating Officer, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Inc.

A highly enjoyable and uplifting read written by a physician with uncommon intellect and wisdom.  Certainly, we can all benefit from following Dr. Schimpff's prescription for a healthier and more meaningful life.
R. Alan Butler, Chief Executive Office, Erickson Living

Brilliant work by Dr. Stephen Schimpff yet again!  Dr. Schimpff has done a systematic analysis of aging and longevity.   His uncanny ability to use data and science together makes his suggestions compelling and convincing, while being insightful.  Despite being a complete and thorough account for advanced readers, his book is simple enough to understand for a beginner. If there is only ONE book you want to read on this subject, it should be this…
Hiren Doshi, CEO, Paragon Private Health, Co-founder and President, OmniActive Health Technologies

The old adage goes “the only sure things are taxes and aging.”  Not so fast!  Reading Stephen Schimpff’s fascinating new book did not help me pay my taxes, and despite his sage advice, my birthday still came and went.  But the concepts he describes (in a meaningful and fun way) made me recognize that the age I feel is truly in my hands! -- 
Stephen K. Klasko, M.D., M.B.A., President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

We are witnessing the marketization of a backward behemoth – the U.S. Healthcare industry.  Consumers will become a force in a new health economy that will demand clarity, transparency, choice and value.  Seniors, already a major social and cultural force in our country, expect more from our healthcare system, and how we transform health for seniors will be central to how we develop the broader roadmap of market reform that is required to improve the health status of all Americans.  A big driver is the creation of incentives for healthcare consumers to engage in their healthiness.  Aging is not trivial, and it’s not a spectator sport, despite what the American medical complex has led us to believe.  Dr. Schimpff describes not only what we should expect as we age, but what is expected, and how our taking a more activist role in managing our health is a critical part of a maturing market. 
Don McDaniel, CEO, Canton & Company, Baltimore, Maryland 

With remarkable ease and with clarity of message, Dr. Schimpff demystifies the aging process and our current understanding. Most importantly he provides a simple, successful path to realizing your personal goals of health and well-being. As he remarks, You can do it.
Matt Narrett, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Erickson Living

As my age cohort heads toward Medicare, like a veritable tsunami of aging boomers, this text ought to be our navigational guide in the storm.  We will want yoga on the lawn, rather than a wheelchair in the garden, we will crave gourmet organic meals, not a nursing home tray!! Dr Schimpff will help us to achieve these dreams with his folksy and reassuring style. This book only confirms for me that the best is yet to come!
David B. Nash MD, MBA. Founding Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health
In this easy to understand, yet frank and direct treatise intended for both patients and physicians, Dr. Stephen Schimpff successfully demystifies human longevity and its relationship to genetics and related environmental factors. He shows how the new primary care paradigm, variously known as direct primary care or concierge care or retainer-based care, allows for close relationships to form between physicians and their patients, which in turn facilitates the creation of customized and personalized health and wellness solutions to extend patient longevity. The ‘keys’ to a long healthy life revealed by Dr. Schimpff make it a must read for people young and old.
Guru Ramanathan Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer, GNC

As the world's older population continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, Dr. Schimpff gives readers simple steps that can lay the crucial groundwork for our future health. He provides an optimistic approach to the inevitability of aging and a refreshing perspective that our 'golden years' can also be our 'golden age,' based on his first-hand experience as a healthcare practitioner.
E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, Vice President for Medical Affairs, University of Maryland, John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor and Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine

We are living longer, but not necessarily better. Societal anti-aging biases are deeply held, reinforcing negative stereotypes about a time in life that should be defined by respect and opportunity. Longevity Decoded challenges this stereotype, offering an alternative perspective to aging that is not only positive but empowering. It is sorely needed in a society that is rapidly aging. 
Katie Smith Sloan, President and CEO, LeadingAge

Praise for Dr Schimpff

The craft of science writing requires skills that are arguably the most underestimated and misunderstood in the media world. Dumbing down all too often gets mistaken for clarity. Showmanship frequently masks a poor presentation of scientific issues. Factoids are paraded in lieu of ideas. Answers are marketed at the expense of searching questions. By contrast, Steve Schimpff provides a fine combination of enlightenment and reading satisfaction. As a medical scientist he brings his readers encyclopedic knowledge of his subject. As a teacher and as a medical ambassador to other disciplines he's learned how to explain medical breakthroughs without unnecessary jargon. As an advisor to policymakers he's acquired the knack of cutting directly to the practical effects, showing how advances in medical science affect the big lifestyle and economic questions that concern us all. But Schimpff's greatest strength as a writer is that he's a physician through and through, caring above all for the person. His engaging conversational style, insights and fascinating treasury of cutting-edge information leave both lay readers and medical professionals turning his pages. In his hands the impact of new medical technologies and discoveries becomes an engrossing story about what lies ahead for us in the 21st century: as healthy people, as patients of all ages, as children, as parents, as taxpayers, as both consumers and providers of health services. There can be few greater stories than the adventure of what awaits our minds, bodies, budgets, lifespans and societies as new technologies change our world. Schimpff tells it with passion, vision, sweep, intelligence and an urgency that none of us can ignore.

-- N.J. Slabbert, science writer, co-author of Innovation, The Key to Prosperity: Technology & America's Role in the 21st Century Global Economy (with Aris Melissaratos, director of technology enterprise at the John Hopkins University).